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ECRISTONLIVRE is an international community of artists of all ages and all nationalities together in a single medium made to spread art, whatever it may be ... We are a showcase for contemporary art!

Freedom of expression is the guiding principle of ECRISTONLIVRE. We wish to ensure freedom with as few restrictions as possible by encouraging an environment of creativity, inspiration and talent.

All the ECRISTONLIVRE members must know the rules of ethics that govern our community. They will be applied evenly and without partiality, for each situation brought before the administrators, whatever the status of the member or user in question.

Guiding principles

Quality and placement

ECRISTONLIVRE welcomes artists of all levels ... from amateur to professional! To this end, we do not have any minimum standards of quality of works or artists. All artwork is welcome! Obviously, they have to follow our rules - we do not impose quality standards, but we ask you to practice restraint in what you choose to submit.


A prohibited comment is generally regarded as intrinsically disrespectful, aggressive, or abusive.

We insist that all community members refrain from comments of a racial, sectarian, or otherwise offensively target a philosophy or religion. In addition, we ask our members to avoid making derogatory remarks based on gender or sexual preference, comments or criticisms that are intended to be a direct insult to an individual, group, or a kind of art. Hate propaganda is met with zero tolerance. Comments that are deemed overly aggressive, personally insulting or needlessly abusive are also prohibited.

If you feel you have been targeted by harassment, personal insults or other negative behavior please notify administrators using the CONTACT link. Be aware that administrators can only directly intervene in matters which are considered serious, minor situations must be handled using tools made available to all registered members.

Original Works - Royalties

ECRISTONLIVRE welcomes all kinds of original works, provided that the artwork is your own work of art.
If you have reason to believe that the submission of a work on the community violates this policy, we request you to kindly inform ECRISTONLIVRE administrators.

Non-original Works - Royalties

ECRISTONLIVRE is a platform to promote art and allow you to sell original works 

Adult content

All pornographic content is strictly prohibited

Adult content refers to work referring to the world of pornography. Again, we request your good judgment so as not to unduly restrain your expressions of artistic freedom.

The administration reserves the right to remove content deemed obscene immediately upon discovery. The administration also has the exclusive right to review and classify questionable material as obscene.
Profile picture

This section applies only to your profile pictures to open your account. The images of the profile submitted to the ECRISTONLIVRE gallery must comply with all policies.

You can use the material resources freely and with only the limitations set out below:

  • Your image must not contain nudity of any kind.
  • You cannot use images specifically created by other users without their permission
  • If your image contains part of a work by another artist, it will be removed by staff at the request of the original artist.
  • In all other respects, your image must conform to guidelines set forth herein with respect to hate propaganda.

Exploitation and abuse of the site

The Administrators of ECRISTONLIVRE will not tolerate attempts to exploit or disrupt the layout, navigability, or general use of the site. We will issue no warnings for violations of this nature. Violators will be banned from access to the site and will be liable to prosecution.

Changes in the ethics policy

As new situations can be brought to our attention, we may find it necessary to modify or extend the policies outlined herein, with little or no notice. Such changes may be applicable in their entirety against existing submissions or behavior.


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